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A fresh flex on retail

SOOK Mall of Africa is a digitally connected, flexible retail experience with less hassle and more freedom.



Discover a revolutionary retail solution

Enjoy greater access and more flexibility than ever before.

SOOK Mall of Africa, the first of its kind in Africa, is here to transform your retail experience. SOOK brings you a cutting-edge solution, tailored to your retail needs.

Image for Fully flexible space

Fully flexible space

Flexible leasing to suit your unique needs. Take control and choose what's right for your brand.

Image for Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Your Sook space seamlessly combines a physical presence with a powerful digital and marketing platform, maximising your reach to a wider audience and other established brands.

Image for Modular and flexible

Modular and flexible

Enjoy modular furniture and wall-to-wall digital screens, allowing you to create a fully-branded, captivating and adaptable experience.

Image for Data-driven insights

Data-driven insights

Access valuable statistics on customers and sales, empowering you to optimise your business strategies.

Image for Prime location

Prime location

Mall of Africa is at the centre of the commercial and creative activity in Africa. Enjoy unprecedented accessibility and reach.

Unleash your brand's potential

By choosing SOOK Mall of Africa, you benefit from:

Direct customer interactions

Build connections and establish brand loyalty by interacting with your target audience.

Credibility and reputation

Gain instant trust and credibility by being associated with Mall of Africa, a renowned destination.

Amplified exposure

Join a community of established brands, expanding your exposure and networking opportunities.



Sook has honestly thought of it all! After planning many pop-up shops, connecting with Sook has made the experience a breeze! Thank you so much! We can't wait for our event to take place in November.


Global Client Service Manager

Our account manager supported us throughout the whole process and has been super responsive. All in all, I would strongly recommend Sook and we look forward to coming back next year!

Jake Xu


We have popped up twice in Sook spaces and had the best experience. We love the digital concept, it’s perfect for a brand like us who have tons of photo and video footage.

Niran Kular


Renting with Sook MALL OF AFRICA is effortless

Renting your Sook space is a simple and easy process.

1 | Book your space

Explore our prime space at Mall of Africa. Book directly with our sales team.

2 | Design your walls

Bring your brand to life with captivating images or videos on digital screens.

3 | Plan your layout

Visualise and customise your space with a 3D tour. Our team is available to assist.

4 | Plug and play

Bring your business, we'll handle the space and be there to support you all the way.

Rent your Sook Mall of Africa space today

Discover the freedom and flexibility your brand deserves. Explore our available space options directly with our sales team.